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Anime Merch

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6/21/18 | 07:30 pm

Hetalia Large Stickers $2 each

Hetalia America/ Canada Keychains $7
America Pin Set $6
America / Canada Buttons $6

Anime Playing Cards $6 each
Vampire Knight
Sailor Moon

Durarara!! Izaya and Shizuo metal keychain $7
Izaya Chibi Keychain $5
Durarara!! Izaya and Shizuo metal pin set $6

Gurren Lagann Kamiya metal keychain $7
Gurren Lagann Skull keychain $5

Megaman Pin set $7

Naruto Neji  $3
Tsubasa Kurogane $5
Tsubasa Sakura $5
XXXHOLIC Black Mokona $4
Fruits Basket Yuki $6
Gravitation Metal $6
Peach Girl Momo and Sae
Bleach Ishida Metal $6
Kamichu! Yurie $4

Moon Phase Loli Kitty ears $12

Evangelion Pins $2 each
Rei loli
Rei plug suit
Rei School Girl
Asuka plug suit
Asuka school girl
Shinji loli
Shinji plug suit
Sango $2
Fruits Basket
Shigure Dog $3
Kagura Pig/Boar $3

Fairy tale postcards $2 each

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Comments {8}


From: osoroshia
Date: 2012-03-15 10:12 pm (UTC)

If they're still available,
could I please get two of the Russia stickers, and the Mime Jr magnet from your other sales page?

Shipping will be to Canada.

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