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Misc items imported from Japan

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3/23/18 | 07:10 pm


All Items are NEW and SEALED

Craft Punch
$4 Each
Available in: musical note, heart, star, three leaf clover, sakura blossom, dog, cat, butterfly, smiley face and more!

BIG Cake Sponge! Super adorable way to clean your dishes or kitchen! $5
Other views:  View 2 and View 3
Available in Strawberry and Chocolate

Grape Happy Sponge $5
Each grape can be broken into an individual mini sponge or it can be used as a whole.

Cake Charm $3
Oreo Cookie Charm $4
Strawberry Charm $3

Copyman boy (only one left!) $3 each
To see what they can look like after modification...http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v480/mysticeden/Store/copymandone.jpg

Super Idol Kawaii Duck Chan Cell Phone Strap $2
(lights up and makes noise)

Felice Happy Spoon with Swarovski Blue Crystal Cell Phone $4

Felice Happy Spoon with Swarovski Crystal Fastener Charm $3

Fluffy Downy Animal Paw Mobile Cleaner Cell Phone Strap Bunny $2
( cleans electronic things)

Angel Sanctuary Tarot Card $10

Hello Kitty All Star Japan Baseball plush cellphone strap $5
Vinda Bear December $2
Chip N Dale button Strap CellPhone $5
(the buttons can be taken off and changed around)
Lupin III chibi keychain and cel charm $5
Crab cellphone charm (shows the inside of the crab and anatomy) FREE just pay shipping
croc shoe charm pink $1

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